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My own artistiCH sCHits fu~CHers! (/˛°)
Love tCHem or I send you big paCHk of fu~CHin' bread and otCHer evil bakery produCHts (/A°)
And I' m serious! (/˛˘)

.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotOwn style by black-cat16-stampsDA Stamp - Bind For Cosplay 01 by tppgraphics
I laugh at fandom haters by prosaixOC stamp by manknux5667I love myself stamp by DatSquadala


You people/trolls/ponies are fu~CHin' awesome!!!
Your art makes my day everyday!!! (/w^)~<3



Yo dA... after long time >xD
So Imma siCHk azZz fu~CH and bored so if you post your OCH CHere I draw it for ya >;D
Just CHosplay WIP by Pony-UnTastic
Just CHosplay WIP
TCHizZz izZz unbelievable... 
Me and anime CHosplay...
BTW tCHizZz izZz just WIP (/w^)
But I love tCHizZz pCHoto >xD

YamuraiCHa ~ :iconni-xi:
Sinbad ~ :iconpony-untastic:
TCHizZz lil guy by Pony-UnTastic
TCHizZz lil guy
OMGCH yezZz anime related drawing...
It izZz really long time I drew sometCHing from anime >xD
But tCHizZz tCHing...
CHe izZz too CHute (/wT)~<3
Oke STFU Pony >xD
CHope U like it it izZz just sCHitty CHolored sketCH >xD


Pony-UnTastic has started a donation pool!
2,249 / 3,615

UmCH simply I love number 615 and 3 (/w^)"~<3
TCHat's all fu~CHers
But tCHanks so muCH for every (/w^)
My tablet finally works!!!
TCHat means I CHan start witCH normal CHommissions and trades (/w^)
BTW sometimes I take CHomestuCHk, BleaCH and My Little Pony requests (/w^)
But don't ask about tCHem wCHen I'm in request mode you CHan find it in my polls or in desCHriptions of aCHtual piCHtures (/w°)
If you will not be able to aCHCHept tCHis simple rule I CHlose tCHem permanently (/˛-)"
CHey fu~CHers! (/w<)
WCHen I gave u a llama don't say "tCHanks" or otCHer sCHits (/˛°)"
Simply give me one baCHk and I will be fu~CHin' CHappy! (/˛^)~<3

About requests!!!
:bulletblue: Just CHomestuCHk CHanon CHaraCHters no OCHs!!!
:bulletpink:Your order must inCHlude a full descCHiption of wCHat you want not just CHaraCHter name!
:bulletblue: No Gamzee/Tavros, Tavros/Vriska, Dave/Jade, Davesprite/Jadesprite sorry I'ma CHater >xD
:bulletpink: If you are not idiot and you understand tCHe rules feel free to order sometCHing I don't bite ~<3


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  • Loaded--Dice
    Donated May 14, 2014, 5:12:07 AM
  • DayDreamSyndrom
    Donated May 13, 2014, 11:57:49 AM
  • SoulEevee99
    Donated Apr 16, 2014, 4:29:56 AM
  • Xanna-Stardust
    Donated Oct 16, 2013, 2:04:36 PM
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    Donated Oct 9, 2013, 9:55:10 PM
  • RVBandANIMEfreak
    Donated May 27, 2013, 1:04:11 AM
Yo dA... after long time >xD
So Imma siCHk azZz fu~CH and bored so if you post your OCH CHere I draw it for ya >;D


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Czech Republic
At first Imma Slovak...
But I live in Prague for now >xD
Oke?! >xD
Still Slovak...
CHow you CHan CHall me witCHout you piss me off
Bibi(my stupid real name ~ doesn't sounds like a fu~CHin' name for some fu~CHin' dog?! >:/) but I'm ok witCH Beeeeee or Pony (eeyup tCHat's my name and everypony CHall me just Pony >xD) or Kiri~kiri (some weird imitation of tCHe word Kirin but sounds CHute and I aCHCHept tCHis sCHit like my FU~CHin' niCHkname! >:])

CHow old I'm
15-1+6+1 = 21 >:] (CHounting witCH Espada...and Berry-CHan >xD)
TCHat means I'm not teenager even tCHougCH it looks so >:/
My zodiaCH sign is libra and I'm really proud of it! (yes I love my awesome patron troll ~ Terezi >:])

Beasts I like
I am studying in CHorseman CHigCH sCHool so it means I love CHorses and ponies >:]
But kittens, squids, CHuttlefisCHs, newts and CHrows are awesome too (umCH I tCHink I love all tCHe CHreatures in tCHis fu~CHin' planet but I CHate dogs ~ now I'm ready to die! (/˛<))
And wCHen we talk about mytCHiCHal CHreatures I'm fu~CHin' obsessed witCH kirins ~ tCHey are an integral part of my sCHitty life and I love everyCHing about tCHem (/w<)~<3

Food wCHiCH you CHan feed me

AnytCHing witCH strawberries umCH maybe baCHon or CHoCHo! (/w^)
I love sweet umCH and basiCHally I eat only sweets (and sCHitty food from fastfoods CHuz my mom is lazy bit~CH and I'm too CHlumsy for CHooking >:/)
But of CHourse wCHen I'm CHigCH I eat everytCHing I find >xD (sweets & ganja rulezZz my world!!!)
Beware I CHave an allergy to peas and paniCH of mussels and snails (tCHese are tCHe only tCHings tCHat I do not eat >:/)

Go get drunk witCH me ~ anytime
UmCH yes I love alCHoCHol and I do not mind (but mom ~ it's a different story)
My favorite drink is BaCHardi witCH strawberry milk and MotCHer fu~CHer (StroCH 80% + green AbsitCH + pink grapefruit) >xD
But I love beer too ~ Kirin ICHiban and CHeineken are my favorites! (/w°)
So someone wants to go drunk witCH me?! >xD

I grew up in Slovakia at tCHe time of dnb boom ~ wCHat musiCH do you tCHink I'm listening to >xD
I love dnb and dubstep (umCH and retro and CHappy sCHits) and of CHourse tCHe wCHole lifestyle around it (MDMA~partys~friends yeaCH tCHis is my way of life >xD)
Okey and otCHer faCHts about me are CHensored ... ratCHer (/˛<)"
I am not an angel, and seriously I do not like the laws and poliCHe and very often I get into trouble (/˛<)
So tCHe destruCHtion of publiCH morality is my CHobby (/˛-)"

I fu~CHin' love my fandoms wCHitCH means I'm obsessed witCH CHomestuCHk ~ My little Pony ~ BleaCH >:]
Also I use troll quirk based on replaCHing letters c, h, ch, è (in my motCHer language) witCH CH and use ~ as CHensorsCHip (/w°)
After all I'm just poor dreamer really addiCHted on CHute, fluffy, soft (CHubby) and sweet tCHings (/w^)~<3
Yes I'm 615% Strawberry~neko~rainbow~cawcaw~wubwub~troll~sweetsmaniaCH so plz aCHCHept it Pony is just a CHildisCH retard wCHo believes in traffiCH CHone~CH, wCHose enemy is breadstuff... (/_<)"
But Imma still CHool~CHute~&~awesome bit~CHes and diCHktlemans! (/w<)
And afterall I'm too CHyperaCHtive to CHommuniCHate over tCHe Internet (/˛°)"
TCHis not mean tCHat I ignore everypony but I'm just too busy(read lazy) to replying >xD
Internet CHommuniCHation is just boring to me ~ I support real friendsCHip (/w^)"

:iconallertonrimbaud: ~ maCH beloved CHute little CHubby girlfriend (/w*)~<3
:iconni-xi: ~ wub yezZz maCH awesome sweet matesprit (/w*)~<3
:iconcharliedzilla: ~ OMGCH I see rainbow in your stars bit~CH (/w<)~<3
:iconpsycho-chanka:~ responsible one umCH yezZz I'm adult one (/w^)~<3
:iconkira-kitsunka: ~ u bit~CH aCHaCHa wub ya (/w°)~<3
:icondaisuke595: ~ waifu... U know... U know CHow fu~CHin muCH I love you (/w*)
HS: Terezi Pyrope by JanbearpiguHH GOOD GAME EVERYBODY by JanbearpigPCom - Dave Strider 3 by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeHS: John Egbert Stamp by Janbearpig
:thumb329017743:SN1FF M7 N00K H4H4H4H4HS4KLJDKL by DametoraStamp: Rufioh by ShendijiroCronus stamp by lucas420

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Hii...i love your Tutenstein draw very much...would u following back me ?
I was draw tutenstein too ^-^
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It's good to hear from you again!
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CHa CHa CHa yeaCH after long time wCHitout internet >xD
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Glad you're okay.
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Ahoooooj :3
Měla bych dotaz..... Za kolik by jsi mi nakreslila jeden obrázek full postavy??? :meow:
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Pony-UnTastic Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ey ja som momentálne bez tabletu a CHompu ale keď CHCHeš nieCHo na papier ta ti nakreslim a odovzdam nabuduCHe jak sa vidime >xD
SoulEevee99 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Já se jen ptala nák dopředu, ale něco od tebe co bych si mohla zarámovat by bylo sugé *Q* awww!!! <3
Jinak :hug: to bude dobré :meow:
Pony-UnTastic Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No šak toto možeme trade CHodiť si prilepim CHmaraniCHu od teba na stenu slavi ku CHos CHards >xD
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